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Sunset Medspa uses the Soprano® XLi 810-mM laser diode which offers a number of technological advances.

  • 810-nm laser diode
  • Sapphire chill tip
  • Permanent hair reduction of all pigmented hair on all skin types
  • IN-Motion technology
  • Topical anesthetic not necessary
  • Less time necessary to complete treatment


Most other lasers impart all of the light energy in the treatment area with a single pulse.  This can result in substantial pain due to heat. The Soprano XLi uses IN-Motion technology which is the key to the minimization of pain.  The Soprano XLi delivers a significantly lower energy level but at a much higher frequency.  This way, a larger area of skin is treated with multiple pulses that gradually heats the hair follicle in the deeper layers, while the sapphire cooling tip keeps you comfortable.  Most clients describe the treatment as being similar to a hot rock massage.  The lower associated heat decreases the risk for side effects such as burns, blistering and scarring.  The high delivery speed decreases the time to complete the treatment. Small parts of the body require 5-15 minutes and only 20-30 minutes to treat a man's back.

Note: to prepare for your laser hair removal appointments, shave the area the night before. No waxing, plucking, tweezing, or bleaching during treatments. Avoid sun exposure, including tanning and sunless tanning products, two weeks before treatments.