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Portland plastic surgery
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Erbium YAG Laser Skin Resurfacing helps many facial conditions such as fine wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, nose and mouth. It can minimize deep laugh and frown lines. Even lingering effects of chicken pox and acne scars can be improved.  Superficial pigmented lesions and other surface abnormalities can be treated as well.

How does the treatment work? Light energy at a single wavelength is absorbed by water in the skin and results in heat.  This heat ablates the top most layer of skin. As the skin is regenerated, discoloration, wrinkles or other marks will be diminished or in many cases eliminated. Higher energy levels result in deeper penetration of the skin.  The energy level is precisely controlled and adjusted on an individual basis after consideration of a number of factors such as skin type and goal of treatment.

Does the treatment hurt?  The level of discomfort varies with the depth of treatment.  Lighter peels often do not have much associated discomfort and do not require topical anesthetic.  Topical anesthetics, of varying strength, are offered and should eliminate most, if not all, discomfort during the procedure. Many people describe each laser pulse as feeling like a warm snap of a rubber band against their skin.