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Innovators In Healthy Skin For 25 Years

PCA SKIN® was founded in 1990 by an aesthetician and developed by a dermatologist. The company is grounded on three core pillars: product innovation, excellence in education and unparalleled customer support.

PCA SKIN is the innovator of the modified and enhanced Jessner’s peel, and over the past decades, their line of blended chemical peels has expanded to include treatment options for all skin types, ethnicities and conditions. Over one million PCA SKIN® peels are performed globally each year.

The PCA SKIN R&D, product development and quality assurance processes are above and beyond industry standards. All formulas are researched, designed and executed by their in-house Ph.D..chemist. They address each skin condition holistically, with products combining the newest and most efficacious ingredients paired with proven, tried and true ingredients to create unparalleled, visible results. Thanks to PCA Skin® we have a solution to address a wide variety of skin types and conditions.

Daily Care

Along with receiving regular treatments from a clinician, a daily care regimen is critical to achieving and maintaining optimal skin health. Consider the 60:1 analogy: you manage your own skin at least twice a day at home; that’s 60 times in any given month versus a single monthly treatment from a clinician.

The basics for a PCA SKIN® daily care regimen include: cleanse, correct, hydrate and protect. While professional treatments are just as important for the health of your skin, doing your part on a daily basis to improve and maintain the results of those treatments is key.

Seeing Is Believing – Before And After Results

Everyone’s skin is unique, but PCA SKIN® daily care products are proven effective no matter what your unique needs are. Our before and after photos are never retouched, allowing you to see results achieved by real people using PCA SKIN® daily care products and professional treatments.

Visible Aging – Diminishing The Damage

85% of visible aging can be attributed to external factors, such as sun exposure. Sun damage causes the breakdown of the skin’s support structure leading to fine lines and wrinkles. When treating visible aging, it is important to use products that treat existing damage and prevent future damage. It is ideal to have a thorough skin consultation with a PCA Certified Professional here at SunSet MedSpa to determine the right customized daily regimen for your unique skin.

Acne – Take Control Of Your Skin

As the most common skin concern, acne occurs as the result of built-up oil, clogging pores and producing breakouts. Acne severity ranges person-to-person, so it’s important to see a professional to ensure treatment is customized to your specific needs.

Discoloration – Get Even With Your Skin

Discoloration is a condition manifested in darkened areas of the skin caused by sun damage, hormone shifts or skin injuries. It’s important to see a clinician before starting a regimen to treat discolorations in the skin as certain ingredients in high percentages can cause further irritation or darkening to occur.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin conditions include dermatitis — commonly referred to as eczema — rosacea, and psoriasis. Those with sensitive skin often show symptoms of irritation, discomfort, bumps, redness, and inflammation. It isn’t always clear what specific factors lead to these conditions. Sensitive skin is unique to each person, making it necessary to see a PCA Certified Professional here at SunSet MedSpa before starting a treatment plan.

Our Monthly Specials

”Worth Every Penny”


"I have been coming here for 6 months now and I love it. I have had two estheticians treat me for laser hair removal and both Alley and Heather were super, super amazing. Also, I have purchased products and I have been very happy with the services. I recommend this place to anyone, definitely worth every penny."

Nia F.

Hillsboro, Oregon

”Clean And Friendly!”


"I've gone to both locations for my appointments and they are both super clean and new. The staff is also very friendly, which is always comforting. I live about 45 min away but chose to come back here because of how clean and friendly the facility is!"

Jenny C.

Portland, Oregon

”I Am So Happy With The Results”


"Yes! After only 2 sessions of Laser Hair Removal, I have almost no hair left on my legs. I am so happy with the results. Radha is my Esthetician...she really made the experience fun. I am so happy with her level of service that in addition to an extended hair removal service, I forged forward with a Microdermabrasion and IPL Photofacial!

"The Microdermabrasion mildly removed all dead surface skin and made way for a healthy glow, no drama. The IPL Photofacial literally made the old sun damage fall off my face. No horror stories, no weird redness. I recommended the service to a friend of mine who is visiting from out of state. She set an appointment for a Microdermabrasion with Radha.

"Honestly, you will be happy you selected Sunset MedSpa, not only because of the friendly relaxing spa-like atmosphere and Radha but for their fair and competitive pricing."

Marion M.

Hillsboro, Oregon

”Making Me Look As Young As I Feel!”


"Absolutely love this place! I was invited by a friend to an open house for New Owners and had a great time chatting, and sipping spirits.

"My friend won Botox as a raffle prize and gifted it to me (Thank you FRIEND!) And I was very impressed with my experience. This wasn't my first rodeo, I have had botox and fillers before but always felt

"This wasn't my first rodeo, I have had botox and fillers before but always felt disappointed in the bedside manner received. I mean, for the amount of money and pain you should at least get a hug!

"Sunset Medspa treated me like a friend and I believe they truly cared. I am actually excited to return and have someone poke me with needles! Thanks for making me look as young as I feel!"

Melissa D.

Beaverton, Oregon

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