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Laser Hair Removal Procedure in Beaverton Oregon

Laser Hair Removal

Sunset MedSpa uses the most complete and effective laser hair removal system available for ALL SKIN TYPES. The Alma Soprano ICE™ offers a number of technological advances enabling us to administer treatments quickly and comfortably and achieve the best possible clinical results. Learn more →

Body Sculpting and Contouring In Our Med Spa

Body Sculpting & Contouring

We're proud to introduce the JuVaShape® by Alma for your body sculpting and contouring desires. It has two modalities: skin tightening and fat reducing. Skin tightening is done with Radio Frequency waves and fat reduction with Ultrasound. Learn more →

Injectable Therapies Like BOTOX in our Med Spa


Injectables (Botox®, Dysport®, JUVÉDERM®, and Restylane®) have revolutionized our fight against time by slowing the normal aging process. By gently relaxing muscles, restoring lost volume or filling lines, we can now slow down – even reverse – the signs of gravity and age. Learn more →

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Other Premium Med Spa Services

Skin Resurfacing

Sun spots, age spots, stretch marks, and other skin blemishes?. Is the texture of your skin coarse and uneven? Now there’s a solution!

Photofacial: AFT

We’re proud to offer Advanced Florescent Technology (AFT). Treat unwanted pigmentation including age spots, sun damage, birthmarks, freckling and flushing from rosacea.


Microneedling aims to tighten, lift and rejuvenate skin. Visibly improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and more!


Improve the appearance of brown spots, decrease acne scars, help sun-damaged skin, decrease fine lines and wrinkles, and more!

Chemical Peels

Medical-grade chemical peels. A quick and convenient way to enhance appearance, self-confidence, and get a healthy glow with little or no downtime.

Available Injectibles

Botox® Cosmetic | Dysport® | JUVÉDERM® | Restylane® | Perlane-L® | B-12 Vitamins | Allergy Shots

The Best Med Spa Treatments Available In Western Oregon

Your skin undergoes numerous changes in your lifetime. These changes and the speed at which they occur are influenced by many factors. One of the most significant factors that affect your skin is your age. Other factors include…

  • Sun Exposure
  • Harsh Winds
  • Cold Temperatures
  • Smog
  • Smoking
  • Weight Gain
  • Weight Loss
  • Pregnancy And More

All of these changes affect the appearance of your skin, leading to lines, wrinkles, sagging, and other issues all over your body. They can leave you looking years older than you really are.

As you’ve noticed these changes in your skin, you may have found you’re doing everything you can to hide problem areas. You may be carefully selecting clothes to cover specific regions or wearing makeup to cover problem areas on your face. In spite of that, you may still feel self-conscious.

Also, why should you have to hide behind clothing, makeup, and other accessories? At Sunset MedSpa in Beaverton, Oregon, we can provide you with a wide array of different treatments to improve the appearance of your skin, giving you back a more youthful appearance as well as your confidence.

Laser Hair Removal For Our Clients In Bridlemile Oregon, Multnomah County

Laser hair removal is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic treatments available. This non-invasive treatment provides you with an alternative to shaving and waxing and provides you with longer-lasting results.

Laser hair removal uses highly concentrated light to penetrate hair follicles and render them inactive. The light targets melanin explicitly in the hair follicles, the pigments that give hair their color. When the laser light hits the melanin, it turns to heat, effectively destroying them and preventing future hair growth.

Treatments for laser hair removal typically take about 30 minutes or less to complete. You’ll also need to have several treatments, which are generally spaced out about 4 to 6 weeks. This is because hair growth occurs in three stages, and not all of your hairs are in the same stage at any given time.

For the treatment to be effective, the hair must be in the growth stage. There’s no downtime associated with laser hair removal, although you may notice some redness or minor sensitivity. For the next 4 weeks, you’ll see the unwanted hair falling out, leaving you with smooth skin.

Body Sculpting Available In Bridlemile Oregon

Juvashape by Alma is a non-invasive treatment designed to contour and sculpt your body. It’s designed to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat as well as smooth and tighten your skin.

This incredible treatment provides you with an alternative to traditional, invasive, surgical procedures to achieve these goals, helping to eliminate not just surgery, but the pain, swelling, and recovery time associated with the process as well. No anesthesia is needed, and you can resume your normal activities after your treatments. Juvashape is also ideal for all different kinds of skin types.

Juvashape by Alma has two modalities – skin tightening and fat reduction. Skin tightening is achieved using radio frequency while fat reduction is achieved with ultrasound. One or both of these modalities can be used to customize your specific treatment

The skin tightening modality uses radio frequency to treat loose skin, crepey skin, cellulite, jowls, and wrinkles. Radiofrequency uses controlled heat, which is delivered into the deeper layers of your skin. The radio frequency works to stimulate your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, which helps to restore smoother, tighter, more youthful skin.

The fat reducing modality uses ultrasound technology to tackle belly bulge, your flanks, fat around the bra line, double chin, fat on the legs, and cellulite. Ultrasound technology allows us to selectively target areas of fat to eliminate stubborn fat cells, getting rid of them for good. The ultrasound waves break the fat cells, releasing the fat inside to be metabolized by your body. Fat cells are broken down without harm to surrounding tissues.

When You Need Skin Resurfacing In The Bridlemile Area

Skin resurfacing is also commonly referred to as a non-surgical facelift. This type of treatment uses a laser to improve the texture and appearance of your skin. It can be used to treat many different issues, including age spots, sun spots, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.

There are two types of lasers, ablative and non-ablative. Ablative lasers remove the outermost layers of your skin, helping to get rid of scars, lines, wrinkles, and other superficial skin concerns. These lasers can produce results in as little as one treatment.

Non-ablative lasers don’t remove skin layers. Instead, these lasers use pulsed light or fractional technology to treat issues such as rosacea, spider veins, and acne-related skin issues. While there are fewer risks for side effects with non-ablative lasers, you may need multiple treatments to achieve your desired results.

While skin resurfacing is classified as non-surgical, there is some downtime involved with both ablative and non-ablative laser skin resurfacing. For non-ablative skin resurfacing, recovery can take 3 to 10 days. Ablative skin resurfacing may require up to 3 weeks. Your skin may turn red and develop scabs. Taking care of your skin during this time will help to avoid infections and other potential issues.

Photofacials For Those Living In Multnomah County

A photofacial is a cosmetic procedure that involves using intense pulses of light to penetrate deep into your skin. The light is absorbed by red blood cells and melanin. The melanin breaks up and this absorbed by your skin, which aids in reducing the appearance of the discoloration on the surface of your skin. The light on the red blood cells triggers improved blood flow, further helping the melanin to absorb more efficiently.

Photofacials can be used to treat many different issues, including sun spots, age spots, broken capillaries, spider veins, hyperpigmentation, and rosacea. Treatments generally take 20 minutes to an hour, and you often need multiple treatments to achieve the desired results. Much like many other types of non-invasive cosmetic procedures, there’s no real downtime following your photofacials, and you can resume your normal activities right after leaving the office.


Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the use of a tool that has a multi-needle head. These needles are tiny. During your treatment, the needles are used to perforate your skin. The goal of this is to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin in your skin.

The needles are so tiny that it causes minimal discomfort, but they perforate the surface of the skin just enough to encourage new tissue growth to rejuvenate your skin. Because the pinpricks of these needles are done evenly, tissues restore themselves simultaneously, helping to produce incredible results.

Microneedling can be used to treat many different concerns, including uneven skin tone and texture, large pores, reduced elasticity, sun damage, scars (acne scars, surgical scars, and trauma scars), and fine lines and wrinkles.

A topical anesthetic is applied to your skin to prevent discomfort and treatment generally takes about half an hour to complete. Once your microneedling is complete, a solution is applied to the surface of the skin to help stimulate tissue regeneration. You may notice some skin irritation for a few days following your treatments, but this shouldn’t last long.


Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment that uses tiny crystals to exfoliate your skin. It works to remove the dead, dry outer layer of your skin, allowing your fresh, healthy skin underneath to be revealed. By rejuvenating the surface of the skin, we are able to help brighten your complexion.

Microdermabrasion works in two parts. The first part involves the use of a machine to spray tiny crystals on your skin, which works to remove dead skin cells. The second part consists of the application of a vacuum to suck up the skin cells and other debris.

It’s a safe procedure for all skin types and can be used to treat issues such as hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, blackheads, stretch marks, dull skin, uneven tone and texture, and sun damage. There is little to no downtime following microdermabrasion, and you can resume your normal activities immediately after leaving the office.

Chemical Peels If You Live In The 97207 Zip Code

A chemical peel is a type of treatment that involves the application of a chemical solution on your skin to remove the top layers. They are specially formulated to remove a variety of different imperfections while also accelerating the process of skin cell regeneration. They also help to increase the production of collagen and elastin. You are left with softer, smoother, more radiant skin.

Chemical peels can treat many different issues such as sun damage, uneven skin tone and texture, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, and sunspots. There are a few different types of chemical peels, designed to achieve different results. Mild chemical peels are the gentlest, and the most common, types of chemical peels. They typically use glycolic acid.

Medium chemical peels use alpha-hydroxy acids, which are neutralized with water upon completion of treatment. These chemical peels are often used for smoothing skin and evening tone. Deep chemical peels are the strongest, but most effective peels available. They require the longest recovery time but last the longest.

Injectable Treatments

We also provide several different types of injectable treatments to help restore a more vibrant, youthful appearance.

Botox Cosmetic. Botox is a treatment used to treat fine lines and wrinkles, such as those on the forehead, crow’s feet, lines around your mouth, and lines on your lips. This injectable treatment uses a Botulinum toxin A.

Botox is a purified protein that works to disrupt nerve signals that tell specific muscles to contract. By preventing the contraction of targeted muscles, your skin is able to smooth out, causing fine lines and wrinkles to diminish or even disappear altogether. Treatment is quick and virtually painless and the results last 3 to 4 months.

Dysport. Dysport is another type of injectable treatment that uses Botulinum toxin A. It’s a very similar treatment to Botox, but the formulations are different. They’re diluted differently, meaning different amounts are required to achieve the desired results. The molecules of Dysport are smaller allowing this injectable to work faster and spread further. By being able to spread more, Dysport can be used to treat more extensive areas. Much like Botox, Dysport lasts 3 to 4 months.

Juvederm. Juvederm is a dermal filler. While commonly lumped together with Botox, Juvederm, and other dermal fillers, are used to plump skin rather than disrupt nerve signals. The goal of Juvederm is to restore lost volume, filling out your face and restoring a more youthful appearance. Juvederm is a natural dermal filler, using hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that binds water, helping your skin to appear plump and hydrated. As you age, your production of hyaluronic acid and collagen decreases. In addition to restoring lost volume to your face, Juvederm also helps to stimulate your own natural collagen production. Juvederm typically lasts 9 to 12 months.

Restylane. Restylane is another natural dermal filler that is made using hyaluronic acid. Like Juvederm, it restores lost volume, plumping your skin and reducing, and eliminating, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While similar to Juvederm, Restylane has a firmer consistency, making it more ideal for areas that require more significant support. This particular filler typically lasts about 6 months.

With an initial consultation, we can go over your concerns and goals and help to determine the best treatment, or treatments, to help you restore a more youthful appearance and greater confidence. For more information, and to schedule your consultation, give us a call today!

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”Great Prices And Staff!”


"I have had pretty much every treatment you can get done here! Great prices, great staff, and Dr. Gilbert is awesome. Say goodbye to hair and hello to hair free summers! I also got Botox here and I am ready for the new ME! I would definitely recommend the Sunset MedSpa!"

Courtney C.

Portland, Oregon

”Worth Every Penny”


"I have been coming here for 6 months now and I love it. I have had two estheticians treat me for laser hair removal and both Alley and Heather were super, super amazing. Also, I have purchased products and I have been very happy with the services. I recommend this place to anyone, definitely worth every penny."

Nia F.

Hillsboro, Oregon

”Highly Recommended”


"I have been coming here for a while for laser hair removal. Recently I tried a microdermabrasion and loved the results! I plan on giving a photo facial a try soon too, as I have some bad sun spots and broken capillaries around my nose I'd love to be rid of. So, in all, I would highly recommend Sunset Medspa. :)"

Samantha B.

Hillsboro, Oregon

”Never Looked Better!”


"The laser hair removal here leaves minimal irritation and noticeable results. My face has never looked better! Oh, and the staff is friendly too."

Ragnar H.

Portland, Oregon

”Clean And Friendly!”


"I've gone to both locations for my appointments and they are both super clean and new. The staff is also very friendly, which is always comforting. I live about 45 min away but chose to come back here because of how clean and friendly the facility is!"

Jenny C.

Portland, Oregon

”Charla Is The Best!”


"Charla is the best! I came in for an IPL photo facial and she just made me feel so comfortable and gave me other great tips on skin care. The atmosphere is clean, calming, and professional. The receptionist is attentive and friendly. Overall a really good experience."

Stephanie L.

Portland, Oregon

”Making Me Look As Young As I Feel!”


"Absolutely love this place! I was invited by a friend to an open house for New Owners and had a great time chatting, and sipping spirits.

"My friend won Botox as a raffle prize and gifted it to me (Thank you FRIEND!) And I was very impressed with my experience. This wasn't my first rodeo, I have had botox and fillers before but always felt

"This wasn't my first rodeo, I have had botox and fillers before but always felt disappointed in the bedside manner received. I mean, for the amount of money and pain you should at least get a hug!

"Sunset Medspa treated me like a friend and I believe they truly cared. I am actually excited to return and have someone poke me with needles! Thanks for making me look as young as I feel!"

Melissa D.

Beaverton, Oregon

”I Am So Happy With The Results”


"Yes! After only 2 sessions of Laser Hair Removal, I have almost no hair left on my legs. I am so happy with the results. Radha is my Esthetician...she really made the experience fun. I am so happy with her level of service that in addition to an extended hair removal service, I forged forward with a Microdermabrasion and IPL Photofacial!

"The Microdermabrasion mildly removed all dead surface skin and made way for a healthy glow, no drama. The IPL Photofacial literally made the old sun damage fall off my face. No horror stories, no weird redness. I recommended the service to a friend of mine who is visiting from out of state. She set an appointment for a Microdermabrasion with Radha.

"Honestly, you will be happy you selected Sunset MedSpa, not only because of the friendly relaxing spa-like atmosphere and Radha but for their fair and competitive pricing."

Marion M.

Hillsboro, Oregon

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